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Accident action plan

Had an accident?



The moments following a vehicle accident can be confusing and stressful. it is important to keep a clear head and follow some basic procedures.


Swap details

Following an accident, one of the most important things is to swap information with the driver of the other vehicle. That way, you can iron out liability later, in a less stressful moment and place.


Details to collect:


  1. Drivers license number
  2. Vehicle registration number
  3. Vehicle make and model
  4. Vehicle colour
  5. Other driver's name
  6. Other driver's contact number
  7. Other driver's address
  8. The location of the accident (including address, if possible)

If your car is driveable

If your car is driveable, call Victoria Body Works on 03 9328 4236. We can assist you with organising to get your car to our workshop, and with lodging an insurance claim either with your own insurer or with the other driver's insurer in the case of no-fault recovery.


If your car is NOT driveable

If your car is not driveable, call the towing allocation service for Melbourne on 13 11 76, or if you have one, your preferred towing operator. Tow trucks are allocated on a regulated roster system, and must have an allocation number in order to attend your accident.


When your vehicle is being towed, you have the right to choose which repairer you want your vehicle towed to. Make sure towing operator clearly understands which is your preferred repairer, to ensure this is where your car is towed to.


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Your rights

It is illegal for tow truck drivers to solicit repair work at the scene of an accident - in other words, they can't refer you to a repairer. It is your right to choose which repairer your car is towed to.


If your accident occurs outside of normal business hours, the towing service is obliged to store your vehicle at their depot and tow it to your preferred repairer on the next day of business.


When the towing service arrives at the scene of an accident, there is information the driver must give to you as the owner/driver of the vehicle before you sign an 'Authority to Tow'. The tow truck driver must take reasonable steps to:


  • Give you a copy of 'Towing from a crash scene - Your rights'
  • Explain the extent of your right to have your vehicle towed to a destination of your choice

A tow truck driver cannot tow a vehicle damaged in an accident unless the owner or driver of the vehicle (or in certain circumstances, a member of Victoria Police or a VicRoads Officer) signs a document authorising the tow truck driver to tow their vehicle. This is called an 'Authority to Tow.'